Rabu, 16 Januari 2013


JANUARY 2013 . From almost two years i'm using only ANDROID os that's why there is no new post here but probably most important chess aplications still U find on my blog . I think in these two last years i lost only few new programs so this ranking maybe used till as good one , you can treat this blog as post ... big post :) This blog cost me few months playing on few many programs and winning 27 position on the FICS SERWER by login ARTUSZKA (now 33th) I check many chess programs and compare them to ANDROID OS awailble now apliccations and i have to say ANDROID make big progress from two years but IPHONE still rules in my opinion . My favorite aplication on ANDROID is SCHREDDER as on IPHONE was , even use SCHREDDER on VHROME GOOGLE browser as gadget :) . Sorry all again , this blog could be better and with more tests and post about chess but i have no much time and have many other blogs so i decided stop writing more . At now only 500-800 vists monthly is not impresive and probably worth no develop this blog but i hope my test and all stuff here helps some people . if U wanna contact me just send message : artuszka@gmail.com or designbyschneider@gmail.com

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