Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

24.07.2012 : Hi all and sorry 4 my english . First of all i must say i'm sorry but i stop develop this page some time ago . I was thinking about reanimate this page but i see no future with this domain . Most important is that all U read on my blog comes stright from my heart . I'm big fan of chess becouse my uncle JUREK KOPCZYƃSKI (i just wanted now - thank you) I was seven wen my uncle start teach me play on this amnazing game and now i get 27th on FICS SERVER (only thx my uncle) . Sadly i have no time now ...and have no IPHONE :( I still love STEVE JOBS work and he is my idol and will but when ...Samsung steal all good ideas from APPLE and i buy GALAXY in 2011 i realize that GALAXY = IPHONE :) One year before i was trying play few months on android from SONY but it was disaster ...
btw. I hope this blog will helpfull 4 some people who like chess.
thx . Christophe Theron and i wish myself in future back to OS again :)

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