Jumat, 20 November 2009

Naxos Video Library!

It's been a busy past few months for us in the NOL (Naxos Online Libraries) world. I say NOL, because this post has nothing to do with the NML! With all of the iPhone and NML Development, we almost forgot to do a nice Friday preview for everyone!

The Naxos Video Library is in it's final stages of Beta Testing! What does this mean for you? It means it's now time to show some screenshots, video's, and to share some thoughts!

Since we're still in development, things can and will change from the previews below.

Also, please leave comments or e-mail me directly with anything you'd be interested in seeing in the NVL! Now, let's get to the previews!

As I mentioned previously, I'm still learning all of the Youtube/Blogspot Embed rules. Please excuse the video aspect ratio. *If you know how to adjust this, please share! I've tried all of the suggested tips so far :(*

First is a short video of the Player Window.

Looks Great! You'll notice that just like the NML, the NVL's metadata is linked. Do you enjoy a particular choreographer and want to see what else we have in the NVL by him/her? Simply click on their name to get a full listing!

Next up is the main menu scroll, and Playlist Window.

The Youtube video may be a bit small, so it's best to check out the site itself. Many of the menus have drop downs and expandable options!

The NVL divides all of the videos into the appropriate chapters, and best of all, by work! If you're looking for a particular aria, rest assured you'll be able to instantly jump directly to it! Here's a screen-shot of the chapter and work seperation!

Another great feature of the NVL is the Playlist function. By using the administrator log in credentials, you'll be able to create custom clips (see below for a video on how that works!), and post Static URL's just like the Naxos Music Library.

Here's a screen shot of the "How To" on Clip Creation:

Here's the final clip we've got today. This shows the NVL's "Booklet Download" feature.

You'll be able to save most of the booklets of all available DVD's as .PDF's! So far, this has been one of my favorite features.

Another piece of good news: The Naxos Video Library streams exclusively with Adobe Flash! For more information on Flash, or to download the latest version, click here!

That about wraps it up today! Check back often for more information, and please leave your comments below or deliver them via e-mail! We want your input as much as possible!

615.465.3836 (direct)

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