Rabu, 11 November 2009

Naxos Music Library iPhone App is Live!

Hi All,

The Naxos Music Library iPhone App is now Live! You are now able to listen to your personal and account created playlists on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

For more information on the "Nuts & Bolts" of how the app works, see this post.

Search the iTunes App Store for "Naxos Music Library" to download the Free App, or follow this link!

What a thrilling day for the world of classical music!

Here's a step by step walk-through from finding the app, to synching your device!

1. Enter "Naxos Music Library" ("Naxos" works too) in the iTunes store Search box.

2. Click on "Get App"

3. Enter your Apple ID, or create a new account. Download the App.

4. Once the App has been downloaded, ensure it's in queue to be synched up. I've taken a shot below of everything "as it should be". If you've installed an App from the iTunes store before, it's exactly the same as every App!

Once the App is Installed, it's time to make sure you have some playlists!

1. Visit the NML. If you are an student or member of an institution, you can visit your institutions unique webpage. Ask your Librarian, Account Administrator, or us here at Naxos if you have questions!

2. Any playlist in your personal folder, or account folder will be available. Below is a shot from a University account. Individual subscribers won't need to adjust anything, or log in a second time, to create playlists!

3. Oh, and lest we forget: The iPhone App, synchs both your Naxos Music Library, and Naxos Music Library Jazz playlists! Here's a screenshot of my iPod Touch. The playlist "Allison Wedding " (a very cool Jazz singer) , is an NMLJazz Playlist, while "Bernstien Mass" is an NML palylist.

We'd like to also take a moment and give a very big "Thanks" to our developers!

From all of us at Naxos, Happy Remote Listening!

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