Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Naxos Video Library Development Updates

Hello Friends!

We wanted to take a few moments and update you on some of the exciting new features implemented into the Naxos Video Library over the past few weeks!

  • Mouse-over, DVD Highlights!

Now, when you mouse over any work in the NVL, a small "box" will appear with a work synopsis, and any other noteable features of the DVD. In the case of Carmen below, you can see that included in the NVL, are the Bonus Features!

  • Skip By Chapter!
Just like a standard DVD, you're now able to skip ahead through a video by chapter. Mousing over the "Play" button, will allow you to view the Skip buttons. Move your mouse off of the "Play" button, and the skip buttons disappear into the abyss (leaving you more room for wonderful Opera and Ballet of course!)

  • Where am I?
No more confusion about what chapter you're in, or where in the Opera you just "skipped" to! Simply open the Chapters tab, and look for the wonderful new Film Strip icon, and you'll know instantly where you are!

Do you have a suggestion for the NVL? Are there features you'd like to see implemented? If so, you can e-mail us at Naxos, or leave a comment!

Congratulations and Welcome to our first two subscribers! The folks at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities - and Douglas College have already made the NVL a part of their offerings! Enjoy all that the NVL has to offer!

- Nick


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