Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Enter the world of Blogger...

I have been avoiding Blogger for awhile now, content to let all my brilliant thoughts about classical music reside on Twitter, MySpace or Facebook. But after having a great conversation with our social media guru at Naxos of America (David of the PMS #286 Appreciation Society Blog), I finally decided to bite the bullet and create a dedicated Blog to my classical music meanderings.

The Naxos Music Library is full of music: classical, pop/rock, world, asian, jazz, video game music, renaissance, romantic, baroque, opera, ballet, modern, just to name a few. Hopefully this blog will grow to encompass all the different genres. My hope is to get our collective wisdom to contribute to the blog. Being a life-long student of musicology, I am still learning about composers, musicians, styles of music and instruments. I'm not sure an entire lifetime would be enough to learn all there is to know about music, so feel free to post comments at will!

Additionally, there will be plenty of information focused on the ins and outs of the Naxos Music Library. Occasionally our users will have questions about how to use the website, or spot errors in the library, so I will address those questions here! If there is ever anything you need to know (regardless of if you subscribe or not!) I'll help you find the answers you need. I am excited about this musical journey and hope you are too!

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